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   Plug socket conversion series
   USA NEMA 6,7-15A UL/CUL
   Non-Standard Type UL/CUL
   IEC 60320 Standard UL/CUL
   IEC 60320 Standard NENC TUV
   IEC Connector Series
   IEC 60309 Standard CE
   Cable Reel USA JAPAN UL PSE
   Cable Reel Europe DIN EN CE
   Cable Reel France EN CE
   Cable Reel UK BSI KM
   Cable Reel IEC60309 CE
   Adapter Series
   Genrator Plug Series
   RV Adapter Cord Set UL
   Y Adapter Cables UL
   Y Splice UL
   Component UL
   USA Locking 50A NEMA UL/CUL
   USA Locking 30A NEMA UL/CUL
   USA Locking 20A NEMA UL/CUL
   USA Locking 15A NEMA UL/CUL
   AC Power Supply Cords
   North America NEMA UL/CSA
   Twist Locking Type NEMA UL/CUL
   Desiccator Type NEMA UL/CUL
   Europe DIN EN VDE
   United Kingdom BSI KM
   Italy CEI IMQ
   Denmark AFSNIT EN D
   France EN NF
   Swiss SN SEC NEV
   Russian GOST-R
   Israel SI ISS
   Saudi Arabia SASO
   Australia AS/NZS SAA
   China GB CCC
   India STQC
   Japan JIS PSE
   Korea KTL KET
   Argentina IRAM
   South Africa SABS
   Singapore PSB
   Extension Power Cord Sets
   NEMA North America UL/CSA
   NEMA Twist Locking Type UL/CUL
   IEC 60320 Standard VDE
   IEC 60309 Standard CE
   German EU type VDE
   France EN type NF
   Australia AS/NZS SAA
   Japan JIS PSE
   United Kingdom BSI KM
   South Africa SABS
   Relocatable Power Taps
   North America UL/CUL
   Australia AS/NZS SAA
   Cable Reel Series
   Europe DIN EN CE
   France EN CE
   United Kingdom BSI KM
   IEC 60309 Standard CE
   Wire & Cable
   True Pattern
   Rubber Flexible Cord Series
   PVC Flexible Cord Series
   Single-conductor fixture Wires
   Current Taps & Adapters
   North America UL/CUL
   Europe CE
   Other Categories
   Contact US
  Address:Simen Town,Yuyao City,
  Post Code:315472

     Quality Assurance & Test Equipments
Quality management system: Quality is our most important concern as we make the commitment to guaranty the quality of our production. No inspected qualified product would be absolutely not allowed to leave our factory so that each product with the XuanHua mark is signifying safety for your customer. In this prospect, XuanHua management and organization have been reviewed in accord with ISO 9001 or ISO 14000 standard and has been certified by VDE and by UL.
High Voltage Tester & Digital measuring projector
Each cord sets and power supply cords must be able to withstand a high voltage without breakdown. The test is conducted by applying a pre-set high voltage between the line conductor, and between each line conductor and grounding conductor.
Aging over tester
Molded rubber for the insulation of a joint shall show no apparent deterioration as the result of a 168 hour exposure to oxygen pressure of 300 gauge and a temperature of 80oC (HD21.2 .S3, UL817).
Flame tester Flexible cable flexing tester
Abrupt pull tester Bending tester
Fire-resistant tester UL Certificate of Recognition
UL Certificate of Recognition Cable extending tester
Air Aging over tester Certificate of Recognition

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